Disposal of Flares

Latest Information visit MAST: Flares - Marine and Safety Tasmania (mast.tas.gov.au)

Collection points for out-of-date flares are now provided by the following municipal waste stations:

North West

North / North East

South / East


Flare Information

  • Flares should be stored where they are accessible and remain dry. The storage area should be clearly marked;
  • Read the instructions on distress flares carefully to ensure familiarity with the method of operation. Different brands of signals have different methods of ignition;
  • Ensure passengers also know how to ignite them;
  • Check the expiry date and to replace any out-of-date product;
  • Out of date flares must not be placed into general municipality rubbish collections. This can cause fires at collection points and cause injury to workers;
Waters Flare Requirement
Smooth Waters Recommended
Partially Smooth Waters
(Sheltered Waters)
2 x Red Hand Flares
2 x Orange Smoke Flares
Open and Coastal Waters 2 x Red Hand Flares
2 x Orange Smoke Flares
2 x Red Parachute Rockets
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